H2WOW Carwash is now Cobblestone

We appreciate our loyal customers.  If you had a membership with H2WOW, we thank you.  H2WOW is no longer billing you for your membership.  Cobblestone Car Wash is responsible for all recurring billing charges for memberships.  If you wish to cancel or have questions about your charges, please reach out to Cobblestone at 602-867-5939 to discuss your membership.  You can also speak to any team member on-site about questions you may have.

For our Green Valley Ranch customers:  All monthly recurring membership accounts with H2WOW have been closed by Cobblestone.  You will be invited to join Cobblestone’s Unlimited program on your next visit.

For our Thornton customers:  Cobblestone is handling your monthly billing.  While exciting new renovations are underway at the former H2WOW location, your membership will be honored at the Cobblestone location one mile north on Washington St. at 11495 Washington St.  Their hours are 7 am – 8 pm.

For our Ken Caryl customers:  Within the next few weeks, your recurring billing for monthly memberships will likely be closed, and you will be invited to join Cobblestone’s unlimited program.  In the meantime, continue to use your membership benefits as you have been.