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4 Things You May Not Know About Cleaning Your Car’s Undercarriage

July 22nd, 2021

When a car goes through the wash, you might not think to clean the underbody, but missing that step could be hurting your investment in the long run. There are parts of your vehicle you can’t easily see from the outside that are important to the car’s function and longevity.  Keeping dirt and grime from building up in those hard-to-see spots will not only improve your car’s performance, it will also increase your resale value when it comes time to sell. 

Dirt, grime, and salt residue from the roads can build up on a vehicle’s undercarriage over time. An undercarriage has drainage holes that can get clogged or restricted due to those left-behind dirt particles from your Colorado adventures or even from daily driving. Our Protect and WOW! level car washes include an undercarriage blast to help remove that dirt and debris.

Ensuring a clean undercarriage is as vital as cleaning what is visible, especially in our Colorado climate. When you visit one of our Colorado car wash locations, it’s easier than ever to get in, get out, and get a thorough clean to help protect every inch of your car.

Here are a few benefits of cleaning your car’s underbody. 

A Clean Undercarriage:

1. Prevents Rust

A clean undercarriage helps prevent rust. When rocks and other particles hit the underside of your car, they can result in exposed metal, leaving the vehicle vulnerable to rust. An undercarriage blast at our car wash in Green Valley (available at our car washes in Thornton and Littleton, too!) washes off that dirt and debris to help minimize future damage and help with resale value down the road.

2. Removes Road Salt

Another key benefit of a clean undercarriage, especially in Colorado in the winter, is removing road salt. The salt on the roads in winter helps avoid car accidents but can be very detrimental to vehicles.

One common misconception is that salt melts ice by absorbing the water. But salt does not melt at all. As the snow eventually melts and dries, salt is left behind as residue on your car.  Washing the car thoroughly from the top all the way down to the undercarriage will help avoid salt build-up and future damage.

The metallic underbody parts of your vehicle protect more sensitive components against rust and corrosion, but once these protective surfaces are corroded or damaged by rust, the undersides will be weak, exposing fuel lines and other susceptible components to contamination.

3. Keeps Grime at Bay

The engine and transmission cool down by letting heat escape through the car’s undercarriage. This cooling process may not be as efficient when the undercarriage is dirty with built-up mud and grime.

4. Can Improve Your Resale Value

A smoother running, better-maintained car will give you the edge to ask for a higher amount when it’s time to sell.

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The vehicle undercarriage may not be as visible and attractive as the car’s exterior, but it needs as much cleaning, protection, and care. It holds parts of the car that are vital to its optimal performance. So, make sure to upgrade to our Protect or WOW! level wash to include an undercarriage blast that helps protect your car. It is better and far less expensive to invest in proper car maintenance than repairing or replacing permanently damaged parts down the road.