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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Colorado Mom Will Surely Love

April 28th, 2021

When it comes to Mother’s Day, the moms in your life make celebrating this holiday extra special. Moms, grandmothers, and mother figures are always there for you, and they deserve a little something back as a way to say thanks. This year, make sure that she knows how much you appreciate her by getting her just what she wants, because – let’s face it – Colorado moms are as elevated as the Rocky Mountains on the mom-o-meter, and they deserve something as unique as they are.
From “self” care to “you” care gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions we are sharing in this month’s blog post.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Colorado Mom

1. Colorado-based Skincare Products

Our high altitude and dry climate can take a toll on skin, so gifting skincare products made in our home state is a thoughtful gesture that she will love.

Here are a few Colorado skincare companies to check out:

Ranging from facial cleansers to toners, it may not be obvious what to choose when considering a wide array of skincare products. Some tips to keep in mind when shopping for skincare products are:

  • Know mom’s skin type so you know which products will work best for her
  • Do your research and take information from verified sources only
  • Ask professional advice from a dermatologist

Still not sure? Check out this Colorado-based company that will connect your mom with a local esthetician and helps her pick out the right products for her.

2. Gardening Kit

Spring is in the air, and Rob Proctor of 9News is sharing gardening tips weekly. Who doesn’t want a beautiful garden to enjoy? The problem is, if mom doesn’t have a green thumb, it can be a daunting venture. That’s why we love gardening kits. Gardening kits make it fun and easy for newbie gardeners to reap what they sow and enjoy a bounty without all the hard work of understanding soils, companion planting, or best watering techniques. Choose from a variety of plants like herbs, vegetables, flowers, and even bonsai trees.

Here is a list of excellent gardening kit options to consider.

Want it to cover more space? Consider Garden-in-a-Box for easy, drought-friendly plants designed especially for Colorado’s climate.

3. Food Gadgets

If mom doesn’t like cooking, and even if she does, make the process easier and more fun by investing in some kitchen gadgets. Which, interestingly enough, makes for a great Mother’s Day gift idea. Some cool food gadgets that have been all the rage include air fryers, instant pots, and sous vide cookers.  You can’t go wrong with a food gadget gift (plus, you may have the bonus of enjoying some of her culinary creations!)

Here are some fun recipe ideas you can pass along with your gift.

4. Colorado Experiences

Want to gift mom something she will not only enjoy but remember for years to come? Consider an experiential gift. Researchers at San Francisco State University conducted a recent study that shows how people “enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money.” Not only that, but experiential gifts strengthen relationships, which is a double win in our books.

Here are a few Colorado experiences to consider gifting your mom:

5. Chore-Takeover

Another way to say “I love you, mom” is by taking care of some chores. Consider a few things she regularly does, or even something that could be a splurge, and take care of them for her. You could clean her house, make her a meal, or wash her car. You could even make it easier by hiring a house cleaner, a private chef, or taking her car to H2WOW Carwash.

There are many benefits to a clean car including extending the life of the car, safer driving, better fuel economy, plus it just makes you feel good! So, even if you pass on many of our other Mother’s Day gift ideas, we hope you’ll consider an H2WOW gift certificate or bringing mom’s car by for a quick clean that will leave it shiny and protected. Learn more about the benefits of a clean car here.