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6 Amazing Benefits of Keeping Your Colorado Car Clean

March 8th, 2021

There are many things to love about living in Colorado, the snow, the sun, and the high-country at our back door, to name a few. Unfortunately, some of these same reasons we enjoy our great state can also take a toll on our vehicle.

When it snows, CDOT uses a variety of products including granular salt and magnesium chloride to treat local highways during a winter storm. During the summer, the sun’s powerful rays can also oxidize and fade automobile paint. Heading up to the high-country often can create a build-up of dirt and grime. You can quickly and easily mitigate any damage with a regular visit to your local car wash.

Not only can a regular trip to a car wash helps keep your car looking newer, longer, but there are also a lot of other amazing benefits, too! Here are a few reasons you’ll want to consider keeping your car cleaned and how using a professional service can actually save you time and money.

Visit a Colorado Car Wash – Here’s Why

If you live in Colorado, you’ll want to visit a Colorado car wash regularly. Check out our list of reasons why.

1. Longer Life for Your Car’s Exterior

Not only do high-pressure water sprays easily remove clingy dirt, salts, and mud from places you’d easily overlook, here at H2WOW Carwash, we use a special coating technology in all our washes that offer UV surface protectant. 

If left alone, these elements can solidify emulating sandpaper effects, causing detrimental damage to your car’s protective coating. As the protective coating deteriorates, your car’s bodypaint is exposed to the weather. In turn, it allows moisture to seep through, causing rust and further paint damage.

Keeping the crud off your car, especially with advanced water technology, can keep your paint looking newer for longer. 

2. A clean car is a safe car

Even with regular or careful driving, the car’s side mirrors, windows, and windshield are susceptible to dirt. The dust and foreign material stuck on these surfaces can obstruct you when driving.

Reduced visibility on the roads contributes to a surprising number of road accidents. Be alert on the road, clean your car regularly, and be safe at all times. Improved safety on the roads is one of the significant benefits of a car wash.

3. Regular cleaning saves you money

Dirt, rain, mud, and salt adhere to the undercarriage as you drive, and important components could oxidize beyond repair. Regular cleaning can save you on repair and replacement down the road. 

4. A hygienic car is a healthy car

Did you know the interior of your car can be home to thousands of germs and bacteria? Some studies have shown that a car’s steering wheel can have more germs than a cell phone, elevator button or even a toilet seat – EEK! Keep the interior of your car clean, safe, and sanitized.

H2WOW Car Wash is now offering a special service for disinfecting the interior of your vehicle. Using Dutrion®, a safe disinfectant proven effective against pathogens (like COVID-19), it takes only a few minutes for our staff to sanitize, deodorize and disinfect your vehicle’s interior. Dutrion® is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so you can breathe easy knowing the inside of your car is clean and safe.

By keeping the interior as clean as the exterior you’re improving the health of yourself and your family.

5. A clean car improves your mental wellbeing

It can be easy for your car to get cluttered and messy, oftentimes with a compounding effect, especially for daily drivers and family vehicles. Treat your car like a sanctuary and you’ll be more focused, feel more organized, and calm. Improved mental health leads to improved well-being. We’ll just go ahead and say it, a clean car makes for a happy driver. 

6. Cleaning your car improves fuel economy

Several years ago the popular TV show, Mythbusters did a study on fuel consumption of a clean car vs a dirty car. “Adam and Jamie covered a car in dirt and mud and drove it down a track at highway speeds to measure its fuel efficiency, and repeated the test after the car was cleaned. They discovered that the average gas mileage for the dirty car was 24 miles per gallon while the clean car performed better at 26 miles per gallon.” So, even the pros can agree that a clean, shiny car reduces drag and improves performance. 

At the end of the day, there are numerous benefits of a car wash. And while you’re not advised to wash or wax your car daily, routine cleaning and maintenance will help your car service you better and for longer. Visit a Colorado car wash regularly, and your vehicle will serve your travel needs for longer.

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