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Celebrating Earth Day: How Eco-Friendly Car Washes Offer a Positive Contribution

April 1st, 2021

Since 1970, Earth Day is an event recognized globally on April 22nd every year. Peace activist John McConnell proposed the day as a way to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. Through the years, demonstrators have raised awareness around issues by focusing on annual themes such as plastic usage, planting trees, and climate change.

Earth Day 2021 will mark the 51st anniversary of this holiday and this year’s theme is “Restore Our Earth.”

At H2WOW Carwash, we believe in being stewards of the environment in every part of our business. For this reason, we commit every day of the year to water quality and conservation.

For Earth Day this year, as we focus on the concept of Restore Our Earth, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of using an eco-friendly car wash to minimize environmental impact. 

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

One of the best ways you can increase the longevity of your car is through regular car washes. In a recent post, we highlighted many of the benefits of a car wash, including how it removes grime from working parts to help prevent rust and damage. Additionally, when you use a special wash chemistry – such as how we do here at H2WOW – there are added benefits of paint protection. A longer-lasting car that you will love for years to come in itself is environmentally friendly.

Rather than handwashing your car yourself, opting for an eco-friendly commercial car wash is another way you can contribute to saving the planet.

Below are the ways an eco-friendly car wash contributes positively to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Carwashes Use Less Water

It might surprise you to think that the high-powered water jets in a commercial eco-friendly car wash use less water than your garden hose to wash a car. Washing your car at home can use 80 – 140 gallons of water. H2WOW gets your car super clean with fewer than 30 gallons of fresh water, less water than is used for a 15-minute shower.

  • H2WOW’s commitment to water quality and conservation has earned us the official WaterSavers®certification–we’re proud to play our part in protecting the water we all depend on.

Cleaning Products Contained

When handwashing a car in your driveway, the chemicals in the cleaning products often drain into your home’s storm drain. This runoff typically ends up in local rivers, lakes, or even in water treatment plants where it is recycled.  Alternatively, with an eco-friendly car wash, the cleaning products are contained because they run into specially designed tanks. From here, the chemicals in cleaning products are safely disposed of, meaning they have little to no impact on the environment.

  • H2WOW collects and filters out harmful chemicals and disposes of contaminants responsibly.

Always Recycling

When cleaning your car at home, some people assume that doing so on the grass means recycling the water for your plants’ use. This water often contains harsh chemicals that negatively affect your plants. Since most of the water used in an eco-friendly car wash ends up in specially built drains, it can be treated and reused for other activities. This helps to protect the environment and ensures you get the most out of the car wash’s water supply. 

  • Not only do we recycle close to 80% of our water, here at H2WOW, we also encourage our customers to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper through our easily accessible recycling bins, which are placed at our vacuum stations.

So, with Earth Day near, we want to encourage you to consider the environmental benefits of a commercial car wash and hope that if you’re looking for a car wash in Littleton, Green Valley Ranch, or Thornton, Colorado that you’ll stop by and try us out!