Cleaning Our World

H2WOW Carwash believes in being stewards of the environment in every part of our business.

  • H2WOW’s commitment to water quality and conservation has earned us the official WaterSavers® certification–we’re proud to play our part in protecting the water we all depend on.
  • Washing your car at home, can use 80 – 140 gallons of water. H2WOW gets your car super clean with fewer than 30 gallons of fresh water, less water than is used for a 15-minute shower.
  • When washing your car at home all contaminants and toxic chemicals drain directly into our groundwater and sewer systems. H2WOW collects and filters out harmful chemicals and disposes of contaminants responsibly.
  • Recycling bins are placed at our vacuum stations to encourage our customers to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper.


Through ongoing community partnerships, H2WOW supports local organizations and promotes worthy causes.

H2WOW Carwash gives back to our local community by supporting local schools and other non-profit organizations. Whether supporting special events or sharing profits from regular charity wash days, H2WOW Carwash offers a simple and highly effective program for non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes.

Our Community, Our World.