Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your car washes located?

Our Littleton car wash location is on the Northeast corner of Simms Avenue and W. Ken Caryl Avenue in the King Soopers parking lot. Our car wash in Green Valley Ranch is on the Northwest corner of Tower Road and E. 46th Avenue next to Sonic. Our Thornton car wash location is on the Northeast corner of Washington Street and East 97th Avenue.

What are your hours of operation?

You can wash your car at H2WOW Carwash from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday and Sundays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at our Ken Caryl and Green Valley Ranch locations. The Thornton hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Sunday. We do close from time to time during these hours to take care of mechanical issues or during bad weather.  If you have suggestions about improving our carwash availability, please let us know.

How do the vacuum cleaners and mat cleaners work?

While the tunnel makes the outside of your car sparkle, we all like a clean interior too!  Vacuum cleaners and mat cleaners are both free to our customers and are currently available at our Ken Caryl and Green Valley Ranch locations.  If you need assistance with the vacuums or mat cleaner, one of our H2WOW team members can show you how to use the equipment or address any problems you encounter.  The vacuums work great to suck up grass, dirt, and bits of cheerios, but they will choke on socks, fast food bags, large quantities of pebbles, empty juice pouches, and other larger items.  Please use the trash and recycling cans located near the vacuum station for trash.

What is your rain check policy?

Rain or snow on a freshly washed car is a bummer.  That’s why we’re happy to offer our 72 hr Clean Car Guarantee. For our WOW! level wash, customers can return with a receipt within 72 hours for a WOW! level re-wash.

Aren’t “touchless” car washes safer for my car?

Contrary to popular belief, “touchless” car washes are no better for your car than automated washes with mitter curtains and wraps. At H2WOW, we employ a soft fabric for our mitter curtains and wraps that is less abrasive than a normal brush. We have samples available at each pay station. If you’d like to feel them, just ask an attendant. Aside from the soft cloth we use, we constantly have employees do walk-throughs in the carwash tunnel to check for any leftover dirt or debris that could have been left behind from previous cars. We are meticulously clean, just like your cars after they go through the wash!  On an environmental note, “touchless” car washes use much harsher chemicals and substantially more water to wash a car than we do.  So rest easy, a wash at H2WOW is safer for your car and for the environment.

How many car wash locations do you have?

We currently have three locations. Our Littleton location is on the Northeast corner of Simms Avenue and W. Ken Caryl Avenue in the KingSoopers parking lot. Our Green Valley Ranch location is on the Northwest corner of Tower Road and E. 46th Avenue next to Sonic. Our Thornton location is on the Northeast corner of Washington Street and East 97th Avenue.

Will there always be a person there to help?

Yes. H2WOW Carwash, while fully automated, will always have employees on-site to help with purchases, guiding cars onto the conveyor belt, and attending to any customer needs.  We love talking to our customers, so give us a wave or stop to chat if there is something we can improve or that you especially like about your carwash experience.

Do you offer military discounts?

We appreciate everything our service members do for us.  All active and retired military with a military ID receives a $2 discount on their individual wash purchases and $3 off on WOW!, $2 off Protect and Splash n’ Dash Unlimited Wash Club Memberships.  Also, visit us on Veterans Day when we thank our military servicemen and women with free washes all day!

How can I join the Unlimited Wash Club?

Joining H2WOW’s monthly Unlimited Wash Club is simple and fast.  You can join through H2WOW’s mobile app available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, or initiate your membership at the drive-up pay station where one of our team members will enter your billing zip code, credit card information, and club level.  You’ll receive a short membership form to complete while you are going through the tunnel.  When you exit the tunnel, meet one of our team members to finalize your membership and install the RFID antenna sticker to your windshield. The sticker gives you automated entry through our gates any time you visit. You can also join the wash club by contacting any team member who can set up your membership at the attendant booth inside the wash tunnel.

How can I update or cancel my membership?

If you need to update your membership or cancel it, send an email to [email protected] Cancellations will begin at the next billing date.

If you signed up through H2WOW’s mobile app, you can cancel within the app.

What if I get a new windshield and my sticker is gone?

Cracked windshields and replacements are part of driving in Colorado.  Not to worry!  Simply contact us via phone or email or tell one of our team members on-site, and we’ll set you up with a new membership sticker and deactivate the old one.

Do you have any family discounts for memberships?

We value our loyal customers.  If you have more than one car in your family, we offer discounts for additional cars at each wash level.  A second car added at the WOW! level will receive a $5 discount.  At the Protect level, the discount is $3 and $2 off for the Splash-n-Dash membership.

Do you have any other car wash discounts available?

In addition to our family memberships, you can save money on your car washes through a couple of other options:

Learn more about our car wash discounts here >>

What do I do if I think my car was damaged at the wash?

We do our best to keep our equipment in top condition and keep an eye out for features of your car that may be susceptible to damage.  It is the responsibility of the customer to read our disclaimer posted at the pay station.  The disclaimer lists the types of accessories and pre-existing conditions for which we cannot be held responsible if they are damaged by the wash.  If you believe we may have damaged your car, find a manager on site, complete a damage form and we will take photos, review our security cameras and discuss the matter with you within 72 hours.

Is your carwash environmentally friendly?

As humans and businesses, we all impact our environment through our daily activities.  Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact and be responsible stewards of the earth’s resources.  H2WOW Carwash invested heavily in a water reclamation system that allows us to filter, clean, and recycle wastewater.  We use fewer than 30 gallons of freshwater per car, about the same amount of water used in a 15-minute shower.  H2WOW also captures the harmful road oils and other contaminants we wash off of your car and pump them out to be disposed of at a special facility that handles this type of waste.  Our crystal clear “triple foam” conditioning product does not add any unnecessary dyes to the water.  We offer recycling cans at our vacuum stations and limit our office paper by using electronic media.  For more detailed information about our environmental efforts, please check out our Community page!