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H2WOW Carwash Unites with Wash Away Thirst for Earth Day Fundraiser

April 8th, 2019

In honor of Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd, H2WOW is uniting with Wash Away Thirst to provide clean water in 2019. H2WOW will donate 50 percent of wash sales for the day to Wash Away Thirst for their current water project in conjunction with charity: water.

Wash Away Thirst is a community of professional car washes, vendors, and clean car enthusiasts joining together to raise money for clean water. There are still 663 million people in the world who do not have access to clean water. Wash Away Thirst has provided over $70,000 to clean water projects since its foundation in 2009 and is hoping to break the $100,000 mark this year.

“Water is essential to our business and one of the biggest needs in our world today. As a car wash community, we have a great platform for building awareness and effecting change for our earth’s water,” says Julie Petty, co-owner of H2WOW Carwash. “At H2WOW, we recycle 80 percent of our water and use only a small fraction of fresh water per wash compared to the average home wash. We’re also inspired to help make this precious resource available to people around the world through our support of Wash Away Thirst.”