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H2WOW Carwash By Communications Director, Victoria DeSair

H2WOW Carwash recently opened in the King Soopers parking lot. While the car wash opened in mid-June, there will be a Grand Opening Celebration event on July 20. There will be prizes, food, special deals on memberships, and a chance to win a Yeti cooler and two Yeti tumblers. Owners Julie Petty, Karl Thomas, and Bill and Betty Petty hope to see many of their neighbors come by that day. The carwash will also give away free Wow! washes during the grand opening.

H2WOW Carwash is an express exterior wash that is fully automated. Customers can purchase washes individually or take advantage of Wash Book discounts or unlimited wash memberships starting at just $14.95 per month. H2WOW also offers free vacuums and a free mat cleaner that are available 24 hours a day.

“The idea for H2Wow Carwash originally came from my dad,” said Julie. “He loves cars and likes to keep his own vehicles meticulously clean. With all of the salt and dust that accumulates on our roads and the intense Colorado sun, he saw a need for a high-quality carwash that could keep cars looking nicer for longer.”

H2WOW Carwash is also very focused on the environment and recycles most of the water used in the carwash.

“As we learned more about car washing, I was surprised to learn of the negative environmental impact of washing a car at home,” said Julie. “Because H2WOW recycles most of our water and traps the oils and harmful contaminants that come off of the cars we wash, we provide a safer solution for our earth than washing at home. Washing at home can consume 80 to 140 gallons of water, while our recycling system allows us to use fewer than 30 gallons to wash a car at H2WOW—a little less than the water used to take a 15-minute shower. To take our environmental focus further, we offer recycling cans on our site and recently began conversations with the locally-based Institute for Environmental Solutions to learn other ways we can positively impact our community’s water health.”

The owners of H2WOW are very interested in knowing what their customers like and don’t like about the carwash. They encourage customers to share suggestions, concerns and positive feedback.

H2WOW Carwash is owned by Julie Petty, Karl Thomas, and Bill and Betty Petty

“Regular communication with our customers makes us a better carwash,” said Julie. “The carwash also invested in state of-the-art automation and equipment to produce a cleaner, drier car. The belt conveyor that carries cars through the wash is simpler to load and safer for cars than the older chain conveyor systems found in most other washes.”

Julie said the vast majority of customers so far have been Ken-Caryl residents. “Karl and I love interacting with our neighbors. We’ve met so many wonderful people who have been encouraging about our business and appreciative of the carwash service we have brought to the bustling shopping plaza.”

H2WOW looks forward to getting to know the neighbors and investing in the community. They will have regular charity washes to support community causes. They have already committed to supporting the Ute Meadows Elementary Read-a-Thon this September and look forward to hearing about other educational or charity organizations they can support.

H2WOW offers unlimited wash club memberships. Starting at just $14.95 per month, customers can wash as often as they like all month—the club membership pays for itself in fewer than two washes. Additional family members can join the same wash club level at a discounted monthly price. They also offer Wash Books, which are 5-packs and 10-packs of washes at a discounted price. H2WOW will also offer specials from time to time via Facebook.