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Make it the Summer of Shine with Unlimited Car Washes in Thornton

May 15th, 2021

Ever wish a car would just clean itself? With very little effort, we can get you pretty close, and unlimited car washes may be just what you’re looking for if you live in Thornton, Colorado. The freedom and flexibility of an unlimited wash plan, combined with a superior shine can make it feel like you’re driving a new vehicle all summer long. 

Car Wash in Thornton – Reasons to Consider Joining the Unlimited Wash Club

But why would a car owner need unlimited car washes in Thornton this summer?

First, rainstorms. A common misconception for most car owners is that they will let the rain wash their car. The truth is that rain can make a car dirtier because of the acidity in the raindrops. When rain mixes with the dirt on a vehicle, it can cause damage to the exterior of the car.  A car wash helps to protect the car’s surfaces from this toxic chemical mixture and keeps the car cleaner overall.

Another reason unlimited car washes are a great idea in the summer is because of increased travel in the summer months. Traveling automatically exposes a vehicle to dust, dirt, and other particles that should be removed from your car as quickly as possible. Don’t wait for crud to accumulate on the surface of a vehicle and damage the paint.

In addition, when you add the Dutrion® disinfectant service for an additional $10 you’ll be able to kill interior germs. Dutrion® is a safe disinfectant proven effective against pathogens (like COVID-19). It takes only a few minutes for our staff to sanitize, deodorize and disinfect your vehicle’s interior. 

One of the best reasons to go to unlimited car washes is the cost-effectiveness. After only three washes, the unlimited wash club services save you up to 25% off the price of buying the washes individually in the same month. That’s extra cash that can be used on the next vacation or to put in your “fun-fund” for staycation adventures.

Membership in the unlimited club also saves time. Unlimited car wash customers get a small RFID tag to put in the windshield to effortlessly pass through the usual purchase process at the pay station.

H2WOW Carwash has three unlimited car wash plans that can fit any car owner’s needs and can be used up to once every day.


  • WOW! – $24.95/month
  • PROTECT – $19.95/month
  • SPLASH N’ DASH – $14.95/month

Family discounts are also available: $3 off a second car at the WOW! Level, $2 off Protect level, $2 off Splash-n-Dash level memberships. Monthly auto-pay required. Must be same household and credit card.

So, if you’re a car owner in Thornton and you want to keep your car clean and shiny this summer, be sure to check us out!

Our Thornton car wash is located at 9670 Washington St. Thornton, CO 80229

Thornton’s best Eco-Friendly Car Wash is just what every vehicle needs before the dog days of summer take a toll on your paint.