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Want a Shiny Car? Introducing Our Special Wash Product Line

March 11th, 2021

Keeping your car as shiny and clean as it was the day it left the showroom might seem like something car enthusiasts would want to do, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is for busy households to maintain that showroom-worthy look. Keeping your car protected not only helps with resell value (plus a ton of other benefits) but it also looks and feels great to drive!

Who doesn’t want their car to look the best it can?

That’s why we are excited to offer a specialized wash chemistry for the absolute best shine and protection for your car. Introducing Ceramic Shine with Graphene Oxide.

Ceramics with Graphine: Your Key to a Shiny Car

Ceramics with Graphene is a protective barrier between your paint and the elements. During the year, your car is being bombarded with UV rays, wind, rain, tree sap, bird droppings, road tar, and just about anything you can think of since it’s out in the elements, most (if not all) the time. All these items can have a negative and costly impact on your paint. This is where Ceramics with Graphene comes in. Think of it as a buffer zone between the elements and your paint. This allows the gunk build-up to come off easier and keeps it from damaging your paint.

Ceramic Shine has three new ceramic properties added to it for a shiny, silky look and feel to the exterior. It creates a deeper, better shine and strong durable finish. Our graphene oxide additive contributes to a stronger, more flexible coating making the surface Nanoscratch Resistant. 

For our Ceramic with Graphene products to be effective, they must be applied regularly as part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Why is that? Because while the Ceramic with Graphene does protect against the elements, the elements break down the Ceramic with Graphene just like they do paint. The Ceramic with Graphene takes the bombardment for your paint. Therefore, it MUST be applied regularly.

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We use a unique technology for the car wash industry. We use a specialized product line for the absolute best in shine and protection. Our layering technology provides multiple layers for maximum protection. Our WOW wash has five applications of Ceramic with Graphene giving us phenomenal results. Whereas many of our competitors may only offer this specialized solution with their top their car wash, we believe in our chemical line so much that we apply Ceramics with Graphene to every vehicle. 

So, if you want your shiny car to survive these Colorado elements, you’re going to love our new product!

Stop by and see for yourself, we’re going to give you a wash that will WOW!